Being Powerful Means Being Resilient!

Power is such a... powerful word! Is power about money or authority? Is it about holding a senior executive position? Well, yes, because traditionally power has been perceived as the ability to affect change. However, the most significant form of power is the one that comes from within and the one that makes us do things, challenge norms, challenge ourselves and succeed -- even if we had to fail numerous times before. Power isn't a synonym to manhood and it definitely does not come in a one-size-fits-all package. Power is more of a synonym to having an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it's leading a multinational firm focused on innovation or launching a start-up that may solve a decades-old challenge or spearhead a social movement that will improve the lives of millions -- it's all entrepreneurship.

It so happens that being a mother and bringing up kids is a form of entrepreneurship. All moms need to: draw effective short term/long term strategies for their children's upbringing, be superb at project management (from cooking supper to medical emergencies to homework supervision), control finances (otherwise the "enterprise" will go bust!), keep "staff" motivated and happy (who can live with a constantly whining choir?), take risks all the time and do effective crisis management as well! Getting the message?

Having an entrepreneurial spirit means being innovative, a risk-taker, being resilient, able to adapt and succeed in ever changing and increasingly demanding environments; and this is what "being powerful" means.

 There is always the presence of a storm in our lives: We either head into a storm or we are inside the storm or we are just coming out of the storm! We like it or not, that's it and it is a reality that we have to accept in order to survive. And, actually, thrive!