Elizabeth is a Barrett Values System certified coach and trainer and helps leaders (re) discover their leadership style and build great companies or lead exemplary organizations. Leaders typically measure and manage outputs and outcomes.  Outputs and outcomes are tangible and relatively easy to measure.  Beneath the surface lie our values and beliefs – the components of your culture that make a real difference between success and failure. 

For her training Elizabeth works with the Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools which are among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics commercially available.  By mapping their values to the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, leaders are able to measure and manage the corporate culture.  What you measure, you can manage!

  • Mentoring & Training

o   Personal branding: Increase the value of your name, reinforce your professional profile, improve your key messaging!

o   Hey, an Aspiring an Entrepreneur? Here’s Do’s and Don’ts! After that, the world is your oyster!

o   Building an international brand: From conception to marketing to financing and to relationship building. Unlock your global market!

o   How to build and grow a global organization: Opportunities & Challenges in international markets

o   Values-based Decision-making

o   Crisis Management: How to prep before a crisis strikes, how to deal with media & how to turn the crisis into an opportunity!

o   Understanding your Leadership Capacity: Charismatic? Servant? Visionary? Autocratic? Get a full assessment of your Leadership Style to build on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses!

o   Diversity & Cross Cultural Understanding: Time to understand each other and collaborate!

o   An Entrepreneur? Here are the Practical Tools that save (and build) you a Fortune!

o   Divided we Fall, United we stand! Measuring the amount of Cultural Disorder in your Organization

o   Time to Raise Capital: The Absolute Funding Secrets!

o   Running a Non-Profit? What you need to know to maximize reach, grow your international impact and tap on funding resources.

  • Keynote Speaker
    • Values-Based Leadership for Organizational Excellence -VALORE™
    • Building Relationships of Trust
    • The Value of Mentoring
  • Communication Training
    • Tailored workshops on Media, Crisis Management & Public Speaking
    • The Value-based approach in your Communications
    • Developing Key Messages on Diversity, Inclusion, Social Responsibility
    • Embracing Innovation & the Digital World
    • Global Media: What are they about?