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Elizabeth H. Filippouli

Imagination and creativity orient us humans towards the future, this is how we can alter our own present. 

Dear Daughters of the World,

You have survived wars, rape, homelessness, betrayal, racism, and so much more. And through your pains, our pains, let us lift the veil and see that skin colour, race and class should not determine our humanness. When the world faces its end, we realise that we are all equally vulnerable and temporary. All we need is to feel the warmth of a hand holding our own. You have my back, and I have yours. We have each other. This is our humanness.


I am now looking towards the future. I want to see you become the independent minds and free women you deserve to be. I am so proud of your journeys – our journeys. Remember that our similarities are many,  and they are our bond, regardless of who we are.



*excerpt from the book 'From Women to the World - Letters for a New Century'


100 Women for the SDGs

An initiative bringing together 100

Change-making women from around the world in support of the 17 UN Global Goals.

Artistic Implementation: Elizabeth Filippouli

Photography: Sebastian Boettcher 

Art changes people, and people change the world. We invite you to join us in this impactful art experience that captivates, inspires action.


The project reflects the extraordinary life stories of established women from around the world highlighting their multiple roles: mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, partners, carers, breadwinners, educators and in the end: leaders, and ignites women-led change.



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