Elizabeth Filippouli

Discovering our values, is our key to inner peace. That applies to individuals, nations, the World. 


Ten years ago, in 2009, our world was at the heart of a major financial crisis. Economic, political and social fluidity were indicators of the instability that would soon hit significant parts of the world. It was evident that the system lacked values. It was then that I felt an inner urge to find the values that would lead my life into its next chapter. In a way that my existence would be associated with something meaningful.


On our journey to fulfilling our destiny the most important thing is to understand what we truly value the most, what really inspires us and what legacy we want to leave behind. I’ve dedicated this part of my life to deepening my understanding of leading with social impact in a complex world and promoting values-based thinking. 

I took my journalistic DNA into a form of activism and a mission to communicate the importance of accountable leadership. Our work contributes to  leaders and aspiring leaders understand, and embrace, values-based thinking.


Over the past ten years I dedicated my life in building Global Thinkers Forum, as an organisation linking accountable leaders, our international mentoring programmes for youth and women (Telemachus & Athena) and launching ATHENA40 as a platform to connect, empower and recognise women around the world.

We are time travelers. All of us. We are citizens of the world regardless of where we were born. Some of us see the world as a whole. Others prefer to look but not see. It is when we are aware of our values that we can see the world more clearly, are able to connect the dots and make choices that fulfill our multiple personal missions.


'I' as an individual, 'I' as the identity that I select for me, 'I' vis a vis my family, friends, career, goals, future, legacy.

'I' vis a vis my inner fears, personal concerns and search for balance.

How do we balance our Values against our Voids to create an inner, underlying structure and become high achievers and fulfilled human beings?



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