Elizabeth Filippouli is a social entrepreneur, writer and broadcaster. She is the Founder of Global Thinkers Forum (GTF), an international nonprofit organization that works as an agent for positive change by connecting international thought leaders and promoting values-based leadership, collaboration and cross-cultural understanding.

Elizabeth is also the Founder of Athena40, an SDG 5 initiative promoting women’s empowerment as the first ever global list of the top 40 most innovative women from across all industries and backgrounds.

Having worked with international media such as CNN and Al Jazeera English, Elizabeth has an interesting career trajectory and outstanding cross-cultural understanding skills. 

Under her leadership, GTF launched one of the most diverse mentoring programmes internationally: ‘Global Thinkers Mentors’. Mentors in the programme include Ambassadors, CEOs, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, academics, while mentees are based in more than 45 countries.

Elizabeth has read Strategy and Innovation at Said Business School of Oxford University (MBA) and Transnational Media and Globalisation at London City University (MA). She is a CNN Fellow. She studied Classics at High School and has a BA in German Literature from the University of Athens. 


Elizabeth followed the family’s 'tradition' to become a journalist.

In her heart she wanted to become a Diplomat as she was always fascinated by diverse cultures, local customs, traditions and history. She always believed in the value of respecting cultural identity and the importance of national memory as a stabilising factor that connects people with their origins.

Becoming familiar with ancient Greek philosophers and authors at a fairly early age, she was at ease with ideas like the mortality of human nature, the futile search of answers to existence-related human questions, the importance of standing by one’s values.

Elizabeth is currently working on her book ‘40 Letters to Athena’ which will aim to inspire and motivate women of all ages.

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