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Elizabeth H. Filippouli is a journalist, writer and artist in the space of Liberal and Visual Arts, with a focus on creative activism. Her non fiction book ‘From Women to the World-Letters for a New Century’ was published by Bloomsbury in July 2021 and was presented at Hay Festival Wales in May 2021, with excerpts read by known actresses and authors such as Kate Winslet, Louise Brealey, Elif Shafak, Juliet Stevenson, Livia Firth, Dame Stephanie Shirley.

As of May 2021, she has been working together with fellow photographer Sebastian Boettcher on the production and development of a multimedia project featuring change-making women from around the world in support of the 17 UN Global Goals. The project combines photography, sound and tech to enhance the visual storytelling and is part of a campaign for women’s empowerment and gender equality. The first 30 portraits were the opening stage of the exhibition and were presented in London, UK and Athens, Greece in March 2022 as part of International Women’s Month, receiving significant attendance and press coverage. The project continues to develop with a goal to include 100 women from different geographies, backgrounds and industries and to be presented in arts spaces in Boston and internationally in 2023/2024.

In 2019 her photographic work ‘Stories from my Life on the Road’, was presented in a private exhibition.
In 2017 Elizabeth gave a TED Talk in Stormont, Belfast in Northern Ireland introducing the concept of ‘NOOS’ as the intersection of reason (logos) and emotion (synaisthima) and the key to emotional intelligence, a virtue that is essential for our troubled societies and is usually a characteristic that is more often found in women.
Her early career in print and broadcast journalism in Greece and at CNN and Al Jazeera English, was prelude to over a decade of activism and social entrepreneurship.

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She is Founder of Global Thinkers Forum (GTF) since 2011. GTF is an independent non profit civil society agency incubated at the University of Oxford, now London-based and working through a global network of thought leaders to promote values-based decision making and supporting women and youth through mentoring programmes. In 2018 Elizabeth launched Athena40, a family of diverse initiatives that advance women in leadership by creating recognition opportunities and connecting them with peers around the world.
She has studied Strategy and Innovation at Oxford’s Said Business School, Transnational Media and Globalisation at London City University (MA) and is completing an MLA at Harvard University. In 2005 Elizabeth published her first book ‘The Invisible Reality’, a non fiction account on international political stories.
In 2021-2022 Elizabeth worked on the translation from Greek to English of the epic poem ‘Alexander the Great’, written by Stamatis Filippoulis, which she aims to turn into a stage performance combining video, music and poetry and works closely with historian and translator Anthony Stevens. She currently works on a novel and a new arts project combining history, social identity and the ideas of diversity and inclusion, bringing together the past, the present and the future by linking old photography with current social issues and cutting edge technology (NFT/AI).

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